General Conference in Cartagena, Colombia

Nothing really changes in a week. Some investigators are progressing, some aren`t. I think my comp has more faith than me (I`m pretty sure, actually), but I might improve in that.

I don`t really have much to say, today. Our baptism didn`t go through (couldn`t schedule around Conference). I did get to talk with another elder from my district in the MTC (Elder Smith). He`s still in his first area, with his first companion. His area sounds about like Monterìa was for me. Spanish is going about the same for him, too

We tried to watch the Conference in English, but it was too much trouble (a lot of trouble, actually. Nothing was set up, nothing worked, and there wasn`t air conditioning anywhere but where we had to watch in Spanish.), so I didn`t understand very much.

You said that the poor people accept the gospel better. It`s true. We have a rule that we have to work in the rich (pupi) parts of our areas at least five hours of the week, but we don`t want to. On the other hand, the people with less here often don`t really know what a schedule or a commitment is, so it can be frustrating.

Anyway, I`ll try to send those pictures today and maybe write a little more. Bye, for now.

Elder Belù

PS. Here are pictures of the last baptism in Monterìa, with Alondra Señas and Viviana Gonzalez (I`m not sure about the last name of Viviana. Something common like that). Also pictures of the baptism here, with Elder Jenson and Lilia Morales.

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