Today Monteria, Tomorrow Cartagena

Hi, people at home,
I thought for sure I would stay in Montería, but I thought wrong. I´m going by plane tomorrow to Cartagena in a zone called Alpes, working in an area called Nuevo Bosque, with another gringo (Elder Jenson). Most of the others from my group in the MTC (CCM) are working with Latinos, though.
Elder Ward left early, Domingo (Sunday), for an activity the president wanted to do with all the missionaries who are leaving the country, so I´ve been working with the ZLs. They´re going to take over my old area and still work theirs, and one of them is leaving to be a ZL in my new zone (and he´ll be senior companion), so they have it tough. I wonder if it´s appropriate to pray to never be a ZL?
We had four baptisms scheduled for the past weekend, but our best investigator almost died on Sunday. (He has some type of leak in his brain and two of his heart valves were clogged. He almost died because a third valve clogged on Sunday after church.) He and his girlfriend weren´t able to get married or baptized and it´s not clear if he´s going to survive. He hasn´t been able to work in a long time and doesn´t have anything. Poor here means poor.
I´m having to drop all my investigators and trust in the other missionaries to take care of them. Fortunately, Elder Vargas, who is staying, is a very good missionary. He joined the church two years ago and is 27 now. He has one year in the field and has been a ZL since December or January (I don´t remember which). He´ll be an assistant to the president and likely a general authority, later on.
I don´t have much time to write today, with three people needing time, but this is what´s going on. By and take care.
Belder Elyeu
P.S. Somebody needs to search for a tall skinny blond Idahoan named Derek Ward on Facebook, but he may not be there yet. Be ready.
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