My White Clothes Got Wet

Hi, people,

I thought about just saying that my white clothes got wet, but I guess this is better. Nicer, anyway. We´ve been teaching this family since my first week and now one of them is a member. His name is Adriano Antonio Acosta Martinez (had to memorize it for the ordinance) and he is 82 years old.

At the baptism

Everything went fine for the baptism until we got to the church, where we found that a helpful brother in the ward had let the water out of the font. Fortunately, we had planned some extra time and were able to refill the font in time for the service. All went well for our baptism, but the others had baptisms as well (several people) and Elder Velez had some trouble baptizing the sister. Her dress kept floating up and the baptism had to be redone. Five times. However, they got it done and she´s a member, too, now. To see people who before had no idea receiving the ordinances of the gospel is a very great experience.
I´m more excited than I can say to hear that the Smothers family is planning for missionaries, too. This isn´t an easy experience, but it´s worth everything. Kurtis can be a very well prepared missionary if he spends time on it now. The scriptures are a great resource and help every missionary, whether he speaks English or something outlandish like Russian. Or Costeñol.
I actually haven´t seen TV screens talking about the problems in Japan, but the people are all talking about it. I think I mentioned that we felt an earth tremor during a lesson last week, but nothing big.
We have four more baptisms scheduled for next Saturday. I´ll let you know if they go through on Tuesday. Our next Preparation Day is Tuesday (Martes, dadgummit! I keep writing it wrong!) because we have transfers next week. My companion leaves for the States on Miercoles (Wednesday), but I don´t know if I´ll stay here with a new Elder or leave. I think I´m ready for a Latino comp, but I thought that before, too, and was dead wrong. I couldn´t have managed very well before. We have interviews with the President today and I´m not sure that´ll go well in Spanish.
Other notes. I broke my record of contacts in a bus (21, now) and bought weird fruits at the Colombian version of a Walmart (which I have visited twice, now. We shop at roadside tiendas).
I can´t think of anything else important, so bye now.
Belder Elyeu

PS. The Pics: Me and another new elder (Elder Velez). Adriano es mi primer bautismo de la misión. I performed the ordinance. Also, us with other people from another área (combined baptism).

Elder Belyeu and Elder Velez

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  • Bro. Nunnelly  On March 15, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    You go Jon…You Da Man… Elder Man!!

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