Three Months’ Worth of Pictures!

Hi, Family,

I went on splits with the district leader in my area this past Tuesday, which meant that I had to basically be the senior comp for a day. We spent a fair bit of time wandering around looking for the houses where we were supposed to teach.
I had the opportunity to invite a girl we´re teaching to be baptized during the day, however. It was only the second lesson, but the timing felt right. She accepted the invitation and a date, but is waffling a little, now. I think she´ll be okay, but we have to encourage.
We also had a zone conference, on Thursday, and I got to see how a couple of the others from my group are doing. They´re still alive, anyway. We´ve all had problems with power and water (today, yesterday, day before yesterday…). Annoying, but we live on. It´s not fun to sleep in sweat, though.
Still, I would hate to be in another mission. We have more success here even than other Colombia missions. We have seven people scheduled to be baptized before Elder Ward leaves on the 24th of March, with others who might make it. We had sixteen investigators at church yesterday, between us and the zone leaders.
There´s a lot I´d like to say, but I used a lot of time sending pictures. I´m not actually sure exactly what I sent, but there should be one or two of me and Elder Ward, among other things.

Elder Ward and Elder Belyeu

Elder Belyeu and Elder Ward

I´m sorry I´m can´t respond to each letter I got. I´m excited for Misty and will think about her on the fifth. I got to read Joseph´s email about basketball, and so on.
I pray for you all and will be back pretty soon (well, more or less). First I have to convince someone that I´m from Argentina (Elder Ward does that all the time).
Pues, chow y nos vemos,

Elder Belyeu

PS This is a picture of the elder I went on splits with in the MTC.

Splits companion at the MTC

The pictures with lots of elders and a civilian are of my district and a teacher, Hermano Burnham.

MTC District with Hermano Burnham.

MTC District II

Elder Smith

There´s one of Elder Smith with a picture he drew,

Elder Bean

one of Elder Bean with tie problems,

Winter 2011 View from the Provo MTC

the view from our MTC classroom, and me with Christmas decorations outside the MTC.

December 2010 Nativity at the Provo MTC

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