Still Alive and Working


At the same time, nothing has changed and a lot has happened. We have been working in the same area and finding new people/working with old investigators. Attendance at church was poor this week and we don’t know why. Something with the bus we sent to pick people up in Villa Cielo, we’ve heard. We’ll find out tomorrow for sure. On the other hand, bad attendance for us meant that we had six investigators at church from our area, plus those from the other area in the ward. We had nineteen investigators last week, including thirteen from our area, so this is a definite drop. We’ll beat ém up this week.

Two of the people who should have come are kids almost ready for baptism, but who haven’t attended church enough times to meet the basic requirement. Their baptism has to be rescheduled, which means that Elder Ward won’t have a baptism every Saturday for the last three weeks of his mission.

We’ve had many interesting experiences this week. One I’d like to share was a contact with a woman learning English and her brother. They asked us to talk for a little while, we taught a brief lesson about the restoration, and then had a prayer before we left. They asked for the prayer to be in English and Elder Ward asked me to give it. I almost couldn’t do it. I haven’t prayed in English since about the first week in the MTC and I couldn’t remember things like ¨We thank thee.¨

By the time I get home, I won’t remember anything.

Anyway, I’m still alive and working. Two little things of some annoyance have occurred.  I dropped my watch the other day in the calle and had to replace it ($9000, convert to dollars at a rate of about 1,800 pesos to the dollar), and my shoes are already showing wear because of the rough roads we walk. I’ll have to replace the shoes eventually, not sure when and it won’t be a surprise (I have another pair, but I will need more than thirty bucks on the card for that. Shoe prices for quality aren’t that much different.

I guess that’s about it. Don’t move or anything without mentioning it.

Amor, Belder Elyeu

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