The Journey to Monteria, Colombia

Hello, people,
I did get the brownies from Grandma and Grandpa Schofield and if I’d had time I would have said so. I´m sorry. They came the same day as my travel plans, so we had a travel plans and brownies party.
I’m in Monteria, Colombia, working mainly in a village on the edge of town called Villa Cielo. It’s pretty humble, but there’s plenty of interest. Between my companionship and the other Elders in the ward, we had nineteen people at church yesterday.
We flew into Bogotá and had to wait for a while, since the people who picked us up (the mission president for that mission and his wife) didn’t know we were coming. They were there to pick up a district of elders for their mission and we showed up, too. They eventually carted us off to a pretty nice hotel for two and a quarter hours of sleep and then had us picked up at four for our next flight to Barranquilla. We had an orientation in the mission home with President Gaviria and then stayed the night with missionaries assigned to Barranquilla before being shipped off again. I took a plane to my area and had to leave again really early, so I went for several nights in a row without enough sleep. I set a new record for myself on sleep deprivation, but I´m almost recovered now.
We started working right away and that’s about all we’ve done, until today. I was sick for a couple of days from the food, but not too bad and that’s pretty much over, now.
I still have my ATM card, so if you want to add money, you can. I don’t know if it matters, since I don’t see needing that much here. Prices are pretty low, generally.
Today I got to do paperwork for a Colombian ID, including answering questions in Spanish to an official who looked like a college girl whose mother needed to train her better (the modesty issue is fairly serious here), and having a blood sample taken in a remarkably clean and professional manner. All is well, generally speaking.
The address to send me packages is:
Jonathan R Belyeu
Calle 82 # 55-20 apto 201
edificio mattisse
Barranquilla, Atlantico
I happen to have an AP with me right now telling me these things. He´s here for a zone conference and was sent to watch the greenie write home.
That´s pretty much what I have to say. I will probably forget English here like everyone else did (They talk slow and with accents in English). The packages take about a month.
Love you all,
Elder Belyeu
PS I forgot two points. One is that Elder Bean is in Barranquilla safely, and the other is my trainer. His name is Elder Ward, also from Idaho, and was a zone leader until I came. There are four other elders in our apartment: two zone leaders, one district leader, and another greenie (but a native speaker). I don´t hear much English.
Anyway, bye.
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