He’s in Colombia

Hey, Everybody,

Jon called us twice yesterday, once from the Salt Lake Airport and again from Atlanta. He’d been up since 4 am to prepare for his flight and was excited about being on his way. He said he’d learned more Spanish in the MTC than he’d expected to, but not enough to really function with–he’ll learn the rest in Colombia.

He was going to fly into Bogota yesterday evening, spend much of the night there at the airport, then finish the trip to Barranquilla early this morning.

When his brother Chris went to Ukraine, we received a brief email from him the day his plane landed. I hoped we’d get one from Jon, but nothing’s come so far today. We may have to wait a week or two for a letter.

Jon warned us that in Latin America many public holidays fall on Monday, so some weeks he won’t be able to use the internet. If we don’t hear from him, he doesn’t want us to worry–we should assume he couldn’t get to an internet outlet that week.

He’ll send his physical mailing address soon, but warned me that he probably won’t be able to receive packages. He took an ATM card for personal use. After we know he got his card safely through Customs, we’ll deposit money in that account and he can purchase what he needs–this will be more secure than mailing packages. (And we may be able to send packages after all–we just don’t know yet.)

Thanks for all the love and care!
Sheralyn Belyeu

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