Last Email from the United States

This past week was pretty normal, until Thursday. We knew we would get our travel plans on Thursday if we had our visas, so we made our district leader check the mail every couple of hours until dinner. At dinner, Elder Bean and I were a couple minutes later than everyone else, but when we joined everyone else at the table, they told us that instead of travel plans, we had a note that our visas were delayed at least a week. This was not, by the way, good news. Fortunately, after dinner, the lie broke down and they confessed to misleading us. I didn’t even kill anyone. Yet.

We’ll be flying out of Salt Lake on Monday the 7th at 8:30AM, to Atlanta, GA, and then to Bogotá, Colombia. We´ll get there about ten o´clock at night (their time), so we´ll probably just sleep in the airport for a few hours until our flight leaves from Bogotá to Barranquilla. That flight is supposed to be from 6:15 to 7:50AM, just a little hop.
In other news/thoughts: a few days ago I met a Sister Hudson who is going to Donetsk, Ukraine; I have officially studied all of the Spanish grammar principles (not that I understand them all. Reflexive verbs are especially hard); I have been asked by a temple worker to find out who the first Belyeu in America was, and when, and where exactly he was from (I remember something about two brothers, but I don’t remember details).
I can’t find a copy of my patriarchal blessing. Could Mom mail me one? Dad might still have a copy of the scanned copy in the computer.
Is the balance on my ATM card supposed to be $30? I thought you said it would be more, but whatever you think is best, I guess.
Are the pictures of the insides of the car necessary? I still have them on my camera, and I’m not sure if I should be keeping them or not.
I’m a little scattered today, but this past week has not been much to write home about, just lots of grammar and many role plays. I got a haircut, and did some other pretty “exciting” stuff like that, which I will not share now.
I think I’ll stop including a Spanish section of each letter for a while. I feel like I’m leaving people out when I do that and I don’t know enough Spanish to have a very different message anyway.
This is my last day to email from the US for twenty-two months.
Elder Belyeu
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