My Week and News

Hola, all,

I got to host for new missionaries entering the MTC this past Wednesday, which consists of waiting at the curb, watching families cry, and rushing the new missionaries all over the MTC campus to pick up their new materials and find their classrooms and stuff. I look forward to doing it all again this Wednesday, since I’m now an old hand in the MTC.
Elder NeSmith is in my zone, in our newest district, and Elder Shuermann (whose name I can’t spell) is in the same schedule as us, so I see him at gym and mealtimes. I’m pretty surprised that Elder NeSmith is in our zone, since there are a lot of MTC districts speaking Spanish, but several people in our zone had met before the MTC. I haven’t seen Elder Pinter yet, but I’m looking for him.
Today was our seventh trip outside the MTC, this time for Elder Bean’s replacement shoes, for gym shoes that he outgrew after getting here. His feet started growing again after he got here. This was probably the last time we’ll leave for our last two weeks, which is a relief. It would be nice to stay inside for a whole P-day.
We went to the temple again today (I did sealings for the first time) and in the parking lot we met Elder Smith’s sister. It was very awkward and quite amusing for those of us who insist that she was really his girlfriend (she broke the rules and gave him a hug). It wasn’t his girlfriend, by the way, we’ve seen the pictures Elder Smith has and the family resemblance was very close.
I don’t remember if I mentioned it before, but we are asked to be prepared to speak in Sacrament Meeting every Sunday and yesterday Elder Bean and I were called on to speak with no notice (They do that with somebody every week, but our district is in the cross-hairs now ’cause there’s nobody senior to us anymore). It went really well, to my surprise, and I was asked afterward if I had memorized my talk, since I didn’t just read off a sheet of paper like some do. It was only a 3-5 minutes talk, but it really helped my self confidence, even though probably only about half of our district and President Watkins, out of the whole congregation, were able to understand us. All the new missionaries are really impressed with us now.
Otherwise, things are just keeping on going. We’re winding down to the last little part of our time here, and we’re getting pretty excited. We might get our flight plans this week, probably Thursday.
I´ll read your letters and then send a little more, if I have time. 

Love, Elder Belyeu

PS Tengo un poco mas tiempo, pues quierdo escribir en español para practicar. Por favor transcribir esto para mi hermano que esta en Ukraine.
En Español, no puedo hablar sobre mucho que no es el evangelio, porque mis clases solamente enseñar Español para enseñar investigadores. Intonces, voy a compartir mi testimonio otravez. Yo sé que el evangelio de Jesucristo fue restaurado por el prefeta Jose Smith y atraves del evangelio y la expiación de Jesucristo, podemos volver con nuestras familias a el reino celestial de Dios. Yo sé que nosotros misioneros tener le pretección de Dios.
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