MTC Half-Way Point

Family mine,
Half an hour is such a short amount of time.
On Tuesday Elder Bean and I went to the health clinic here to get his eyes checked again and they sent us directly off to an ophthalmologist, so our district didn’t know where we were all morning. There wasn’t anything really wrong with his eyes, just a mild infection and some dryness, but we lost half the day.
Our zone lost a district this past week, another leaves today and tomorrow, and the last one older than us leaves next Monday, so we’re old now. We have a new district leader (Elder Ridley, the old DL’s companion), since we reached our halfway mark yesterday, and since the zone leaders are leaving tomorrow new ones were called from the district younger than us that came a week and a half ago.
Yesterday we had a fireside with President Heaten, who was in my Stake presidency at BYU last year. He’s the Administrative Director of the Provo MTC and helped develop Preach My Gospel. He’s very involved in the pilot program I’m in, or at least that’s the impression I got.
We’re doing laundry early again today (earlier than we’re really supposed to) because Elder Bean has yet another eye appointment; hopefully he’ll get his prescription today.
This week we are starting the Spanish-heavy portion of our MTC time, finally learning the grammar principles behind some of the stuff we have been doing all along.
Other stuff, I don’t really remember what days I’m getting dearelder letters, but I haven’t gotten any so far today. I think that if you send one on a week day, I get it the next day, but I’m not sure.
No hay tiempo a escribir in Español hoy, pero yo sé que soy in el trabajo de Dios. La iglesia es verdadera, prometo.
Elder Belyeu
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