Second Week in the MTC

Dear Family,

I still am not able to send pictures (forgot to bring my camera to the computer this time, so I can’t even try). You can use whatever pictures you have, I guess, and I’ll send more when I can. The inside of the MTC is boring, the outside is decorated, and I have pictures of both. I’ll make sure I have a picture of the nativity out front to send eventually.

I don’t remember if I said before, but we got to hear from the BYU Mens Chorus last week and we’ll probably have an apostle this week for Christmas.

I miss you all, but I’m doing well. My comp and I taught a lesson to a member of our branch presidency yesterday as a role play-test and he said we did very well. It’s much easier to teach in English than in Spanish. My branch presidency is great, my teachers are crazy, all is well. None of our teachers have been to Colombia, unfortunately, but oh, well. We’ll learn Colombia separately from Spanish.

The Colombian elder I knew from BYU classes is Gianluca Cuestas. I just got done talking to him here in the laundry room; he’s leaving for West Africa today. Add him for me on FB if you can, por favor.

I have a hymnbook in Spanish that another elder gave me, so don’t worry about sending another. I found everything I thought I had forgotten, tie, etc. I’m not allowed to use the MP3 player in the MTC, so there’s no rush to send it to me.

I haven’t read any of my mail and I’ve already used a third of my time.

I don’t have enough time to write here, but I know I’m in the right place. The Spirit is very strong here. I spend each week working up to a level of tension and tiredness that drives me nuts, and then on Sundays through Mondays, things improve again. There’s lots I want to say, but I don’t have time.

Love, Jon

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