First Letter Home

I was able to get together with all but one of my erstwhile roommates on Tuesday, which I had really hoped to be able to do. Too bad Ryan wasn’t there, but he is still in Texas.

I went into the MTC Wednesday, almost on time, and started studying almost at once. I don’t seem to be able to send pictures from this computer. (It’s in the laundry room and may have more restricted access than others.) I also don’t think I have any pictures from inside the MTC yet. It’s as boring-looking as everyone said. I do have some from a walk around the temple yesterday. I’ve met a couple of friends from BYU already, one going to the Philippines, another to West Africa. The one going to West Africa is from Bogotá, Colombia, which I didn´t know before.

Spanish is coming well enough, I guess, although I´m impatient. Mainly, the MTC is spiritual. I have felt the Spirit many times already. I know I´m in the right place, doing the right thing.

The district: My comp is Elder Bean, from Idaho, my other roommates are the district leader, Elder Maughan (pronounced “mon”, he’s a little older) from Provo, and Elder Ridly, from Marrietta, California. There are also Elders Smith & Kimball, and Elders Palmer & Beck. I am the junior companion for half of our time here, then senior.

I’m about out of time.

I got several compliments on the brown tie Sister Jones made when I wore it on the plane, but I think I left it at Jason’s. I have also gotten compliments on the other one she made. I have a Spanish hymnbook (Elder Palmer had an extra), and I obtained some oil for blessings. All is well, I love you all, and the Church is true, I promise.

Love, Elder J. Belyeu

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